Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

The Employee and Family Assistance Program provides psychological counseling, along with a wide range of work life and wellness services. In addition to counseling, staff members and their eligible dependents have access to nutritional, legal and financial consultation, services of a personal trainer, e-learning courses, health and wellness resources, and work life services (e.g. Cultural Transition Support, child and eldercare resources, etc).

All University of Alberta staff and their eligible dependants have access to services through the EFAP, regardless of whether you are enrolled in a benefit plan.

All services provided through the EFAP program are held in the strictest of confidence.


U of A Counseling Model

The University of Alberta, in collaboration with Homewood Health, has developed a counseling model designed to meet client-expressed needs in a responsive and respectful manner, using solution oriented therapies. Within this client focused, strength based-counselling approach, the client is treated as a unique individual with a set of personal resources and competencies which, once mobilized, will help him or her to cope with the problematic situation.  Through goal setting, skill and strategy development and identification of resources, individuals and families are assisted in making and maintaining meaningful change.  

Our commitment to evidence-based clinical care is grounded in our model of solution oriented, client driven therapies.   Our model helps people change by focusing on solutions rather than on the origin of problems and promotes the activation of the individual’s strengths.  Unlike many other ‘talking treatments’ focused on the causes of the client’s distress or symptoms, solution oriented therapies focus on the ‘here and now,’ and look for ways to improve the client’s state of mind in the present. Our approach identifies thoughts and beliefs that might be unhelpful and unrealistic, and gradually moves individuals toward new ways of behaving, reframing and reacting.

Your comments and suggestions on EFAP services are valuable in helping us better meet the needs of staff members and their dependents. Organizational Health and Effectiveness welcomes your feedback.


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EFAP Program Provider

Sarah Flower
EFAP Administrator
Phone: 780-492-2249
Email: sarah.flower@ualberta.ca