Human Resource Services provides U of A staff members advice on inviting foreign visitors and hiring foreign nationals. Before you invite a foreign national to campus, please seek advice from a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) in Human Resource Services.

Inviting a Foreign Visitor

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  1. Receiving a Receipt for the Employer Compliance Fee

    When we process a Foreign Visitor Category Assessment form, we pay the Employer Compliance Fee. We then send a receipt to the originator of the form and the department HR contact, and at a later date charge this amount to the speed code identified on the form. When the originator of the form receives our receipt for Employer Compliance Fee, they should ensure that a copy is forwarded to the individual in a department responsible for financial matters. This ensures the financial person is aware of the nature of the expense when their speed code is charged. If requesting a receipt for the Employer Compliance Fee, please check with the originator of the form or the Human Resource Contact for the department before contacting Immigration Services. More information can be found on the Inviting Foreign Visitors – Frequently Asked Questions web page.

  2. Renewing Work Permit Before Travelling Over Winter Break

    To avoid possible disruption of employment and/or travel during the winter break, individuals holding work permits should be directed to plan ahead to ensure that their permits remain up-to-date. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC) current processing time for on-line renewal of work permits is 84 calendar days. Contact for more information.

  3. Using Job Match When Considering Foreign Nationals

    As of August 28, 2017 there will be an additional step when considering foreign nationals for high-wage non-faculty positions. A new rating system called Job Match will match job seekers registered in the Canada Job Bank with advertised positions, and employers will be required to invite candidates who have a certain number of stars in relation to the position.
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The information provided on this website is for reference only and is subject to change. Before you invite a foreign national to campus, it is recommended that you seek advice from Immigration Services, Human Resource Services