Pathways Learning Series

Choose your path: Pathways Learning Series helps you strengthen your talents

The University of Alberta takes pride in the unique talents and skills of our employees. We also take pride in giving our employees opportunities to learn and grow. The Pathways Learning Series was created to help you expand on what you know and develop and strengthen new skills. We’ve spent many years working with NASA and others across campus to determine the best way to help staff succeed. The result is a series of learning opportunities centered around seven skill areas that are essential to ongoing success at the University.

Pathways makes it possible for you to choose your own path to enhancing and advancing your career at the U of A.The core competencies are outlined below. Our goal is to create learning opportunities that support your talents and meet your individual needs and interests.

Pathways Snapshot

Pathways is a series of self-directed learning opportunities which fall into seven key skill areas. The Seven Core Competencies are:

       Organizational Citizenship 
  Providing Service
  Thriving as a Team Member
  Being Adaptable & Flexible
  Utilizing Technology and Equipment
  Demonstrating Professionalism

Pathways offers several face-to-face learning sessions which are typically held on Wednesdays.  We aim to offer two face-to-face sessions per month.   Please see this list of Pathways Competencies Matched to Courses.

Competency Assessment

We encourage UAlberta employees to hold conversations about how learners are "living their learning." 

The Pathways Assessment Guides were designed as tools to support dialogue and coaching around the specific behaviours of Pathways.  Our hopes:

  • Learners will use these tools as a self-check to consider their strengths and areas for growth
  • Supervisors will use these tools as a conversation and coaching guide for clarifying expectations to establishing developmental possibilities with both individuals and teams
  • UAlberta employees will be inspired to reflect on professional development and to celebrate learning!

Pathways Information Sessions

The purpose of the information sessions was to raise awareness about this programs intent, values and benefits.  Between January and April 1, 2012 we held over 16 sessions reaching more than 400 people across campus.


Find out more by reading through the sessions slides.  If you require additional information please contact Organizational Health and Effectiveness.



To attend one of the face-to-face courses, please check The Learning Shop for the upcoming program dates.  Upcoming courses are advertised through the weekly Employee Digest.

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Pathways Assessment Guides

Pathways Competencies Matched To Courses 


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