Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service accessed through Bear Tracks provides access to your pay information, benefits and personal information. The following tutorials will provide step-by-step instructions about how to use each of the key areas available.

My Paycheque

You can review your pay, direct deposit and deduction or contribution information, current and prior paycheques, and tax deductions.

Time and Leave Reporting

Employees can enter time online using Employee Self Service. Refer to the ESS time entry deadlines on the pay period schedules found on the Pay Administration webpage. Please note that not all departments use ESS to report time. If you are unsure which method your department uses, check with your department contact.

Vacation/Banked Time

NASA employees can see their current vacation and banked time balances, year to date vacation entitlement and history of vacation taken in the past.

Direct Deposit

You can review, change and add Direct Deposit information

Tax Slips

You can grant your consent to enable you to view and print your T4/T4A receipt online.

Benefits Summary

You can review your current benefits enrolment information (such as medical, major medical, dental, life, disability and pension) including dependents and beneficiaries.

Personal Information

You can review and/or edit your contact information (i.e., preferred name, address, phone number, email address, and emergency contact).

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