Tax Slips

Online tax slips are available to all current or former employees who have received taxable earning or benefits in the taxation year being reported. Tax slips are generally available online beginning mid-February each year.

Employees can access T4 and T4A tax slips online using Employee Self Service via Bear Tracks.

In Bear Tracks under the Employees tab there are Links to Employee Self Service. Select the Payroll Information link and click to View Your T4/T4A Slips PDF document(s). Please note your browser will likely notify you that the pop-up blocker has prevented the document from opening. Click this notification to view the document.

Granting Consent

To access tax slips online, employees must provide their consent to receive a T4/T4A electronically. New employees can grant consent for online tax slips after they have received their first pay cheque.

Employees who do not provide consent will have their tax slips mailed to the address on file in Bear Tracks.

For more information about Employee Self Service in Bear Tracks, please view the Bear Tracks: Employee Self Service webpage.


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