HR Partnerships

The HR Partners provide strategic human resource consultation, advice and services to a portfolio of faculties, departments and/administrative units. Drawing on a comprehensive knowledge of HR, the HR Partner works closely with supervisors, managers, senior leaders and staff to help clients use HR best practices to achieve their strategic and operational goals, while managing risk to the institution.  There are 3 Senior Partners who supervise in addition to supporting a faculty or administrative unit, 7 HR Partners dedicated to one or more faculty or administrative unit, and 7 HR Partners dedicated to a single faculty or administrative unit.

Acting as the first point of contact the HR Partner will facilitate and collaborate with specialist resources to address more complex client needs. They work closely with HR assistants/advisors and the local units towards building an integrated service team. The HR Partners also build and maintain effective relationships with staff associations (NASA and AASUA).

Focusing on the specific requirements and objectives of the client unit, the HR Partner plans, delivers, facilitates and manages a broad range of HR services, including:

  • Administration and interpretation on the application of the NASA Collective Agreement and APO, TAPS, TRAS and Librarian Staff Agreements
  • Assist in the interpretation and application of various pieces of legislation, policies and employment best practices related to NASA, APO, TAPS, TRAS and Librarian staff
  • Progressive performance and discipline management
  • Resolving conflicts, grievances, appeals and complaints that involve NASA staff, grievance and appeals that involve APO, TAPS, TRAS and Librarian staff.
  • Employee relations and issues management
  • Staff and organizational change/development
  • Implementation of HR policies, procedures and agreements
  • Recruitment, selection and retention strategies
  • Customized HR training
  • Manager/supervisor mentorship

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HR Partnerships