Payroll and Benefit Services

Payroll and Benefit Services specializes in the timely and accurate payment and reporting of salaries, wages, scholarships and other payments to employees, students, post-docs and colleagues as well as the administration and reporting of several benefit and pension plans.  

  • Process monthly and semi-monthly payroll and monitor all steps in the production of on-cycle and off-cycle direct deposit and paycheques
  • Ensure compliance with all statutory and regulatory reporting of taxes, pensions, and record of employment
  • Educate the University community on payroll and benefit related issues and provide expertise on payroll, pension, benefit and tax related issues
  • Manage the UAPP, PSPP, ASRP and ESRP pension plans and all related pension enrollment, deduction and reporting requirements
  • Manage automated benefit enrollment/termination/ change processes and process life events
  • Manage reconciliation of payroll, benefit, pension and suspense accounts

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Payroll and Benefit Services

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