Tuition Remission

Tuition of Remission covers tuition costs for credit only courses (up to the allotted amount specified within the collective agreements). Master's level credit courses within the Faculty of Extension will be considered eligible for Tuition remission; Faculty of Extension's non-credit courses and programs (seminars, certificates, diplomas) do not qualify.

Tuition Remission will cover program fees and market modifiers (up to the allotted amount specified within the collective agreement), however Tuition Remission does not cover International Differential fees.

Staff members are responsible for paying all other assessed fees by the payment deadline; otherwise penalties will apply. Books and supplies are the responsibility of the employee.

The forms are available online for Academic and Support staff. All forms are due to Financial Services by the tuition deadline each term.

Academic Remission Details

 Agreement  Eligibility  Amount  Form

Administrative and Professional Officer

Contract Academic Staff – Teaching


Faculty Service Officer


Trust/Research Academic Staff

See agreement The dollar value equivalent of 4 undergraduate Arts courses

Support Staff Remission Details

 Agreement  Eligibility  Amount  Form
Operating (Full-Time) 1 year of service 18 Credits
Trust (Full-Time)
Operating (Part-Time) 3 Credits
Trust (Part-Time)
ESL (Full-Time) 2 years of service 18 Credits
ESL (Part-Time) 3 Credits

* 3 Credits = Single Term Course


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