Supplementary Health Care

The Supplementary Health Care Plan covers you and your dependents for eligible expenses including paramedical practitioners, charges for prescription drugs and vision care which are not covered by the Provincial Health Care Insurance Plan. In some instances, the Plan supplements coverage provided under the Provincial Health Care Insurance Plan. Benefits are only payable for expenses which are medically necessary.

The University supplementary health coverage is provided through Sun Life. Claims for reimbursement of expenses are typically submitted in the following two ways:

  1. Completing a paper form or
  2. Online submission of claims through Sun Life Member Services

Visit the Making a Claim page to learn more. Reimbursement of eligible expenses will be based on reasonable and customary charges for the service in the area in which you reside.

Co-ordination of Benefits

There are certain rules that govern the reimbursement of claims when both you and your spouse have benefit coverage with your respective employers. Visit the Co-ordination of Benefits page to learn more.

There are additional considerations when you or your spouse begin coverage under the Alberta Blue Cross Seniors Program. Upon 65th birthday of you or your spouse all medical services must be submitted to Alberta Blue Cross Senior’s program for determination as to whether any portion of the cost will be eligible for reimbursement under their plan. After expenses have been adjudicated by Alberta Blue Cross, you are then in a position to submit any residual amount to Sun Life for reimbursement.

In the case of prescription medication, it may be possible for the pharmacist to electronically submit the claim under both Alberta Blue Cross and your Sun Life plan provided by the University of Alberta. If the pharmacist is unable to submit electronically under both plans it will be necessary to complete an Extended Health Claim Form. Send the completed form along with the receipt from the pharmacy for the portion of the prescription unpaid by Alberta Blue Cross and submit to the Sun Life for reimbursement.

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