Death of an Employee

We all face numerous losses throughout our lives. When the loss is the death of someone close to us, someone we care about, the loss can trigger a grieving process that can affect our way of living, both at home and at work/school. How we handle the response to deaths as a community reflects how we value people within that community.

This section is here to help you better understand and cope when someone close to you dies. Information is presented from several perspectives. This is also a guide to balance your own personal needs to heal and recover with the potential demands of being at work or at school.

    Making a Claim for Pension and Life Insurance Benefits

    When you are able please contact the employee’s department or Pension & Benefit Advisory Services to inform them of the death. To find the appropriate advisor see the Pension & Benefit Advisors Contacts by Department. Soon after contact a Pension & Benefit Advisor will send you a letter outlining the requirements to process the claim.

    Supplementary Health and Dental Care Benefits

    Supplementary Health and Dental Care coverage for eligible dependents of a deceased employee  will continue for six months from the date of death.

    Academic Staff Death Benefits

    When a staff member passes away their full salary will be paid to their estate for the month of  death plus one additional month. This payment is made in lieu of vacation pay and does not apply if death occurs while on a disability or regular leave without pay.

    Canada Pension Plan Survivor Benefits

    In the event of a death, the Canada Pension Plan provides Survivor Benefits.  Detailed information and application forms are available from the Service Canada.

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