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Thinking of Retiring

Retirement Planning

The University offers various resources to assist you in the planning process:

Retirement Income

As a member of the Public Service Pension Plan you will receive a defined pension benefit based upon your highest 5 year average salary and your years of credited pensionable service. Pension Estimates can be performed using the Pension Estimator on the PSPP Member Services site. If you have lost or forgotten your user ID and/or password, this information can be obtained on-line from the PSPP member services site. 

The Federal Government also provides benefits for retirement. Service Canada has on-line Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security calculators that you can access to estimate these benefits.

Employment Options - Reduced Duties Leading to Retirement

The University of Alberta offers the Reduced Duties Leading to Retirement Program to support staff as an option for transitioning into retirement. This program allows the employee the opportunity to take a partial leave without pay in the years immediately preceding retirement.  For additional details and eligibility requirements, please see the Collective Agreement-Common Provisions-Article 19.

*Please note: Each application must be approved by the Dean, Director or Trustholder and Human Resources. Once an agreement is concluded it becomes binding on the employee and the Employer.

Bridge Benefits for Support Staff

Eligible staff who decide to retire early may elect to continue participation in several of the staff benefit programs during the period between the date of early retirement and the end of the month in which you will attain age 65. The employer premium costs for such benefits will be paid by the University to the same extent that they are paid for active staff members. Employer premium costs, cost-sharing arrangements and/or the benefit plan provisions may change from year to year in accordance with the Board/NASA Agreement.

Eligibility for Bridge Benefits is as follows:

  • You must currently be working in a full-time regular or full-time non-established Support position funded out of the University's operating accounts (including ancillary accounts);
  • You must be at least 55 years of age but less than age 65;
  • You must currently be a member of the Public Service Pension Plan; and
  • You must have a minimum of 20 years of pensionable service with the University.

Included Benefits  

Benefit  Coverage
Supplementary Health Care Continues as long as you reside in Canada and are covered by a provincial medical plan
Dental Care Continues wherever you reside
Group Life Insurance Continues wherever you reside.

If there are any questions pertaining to Bridge Benefits, please contact Pension & Benefit Advisory Services @ 492-4555.

Decided to Retire?

Applying for Your PSPP Benefit

Once you have made the decision to retire, approximately three months prior to your retirement date, please contact Pension & Benefit Advisory Services. Please note that a retirement application can not be signed more than 90 days prior to your retirement date. Once informed, Pension & Benefit Advisory Services will send you a retirement letter. The letter will outline the required documentation to process your PSPP benefit. The Pension & Benefit advisor will extend an invitation to meet with you so they may assist you with the application process. Once you receive the letter and gather the appropriate documentation contact your Pension & Benefit Advisor to arrange an appointment. To find your advisor see the Pension & Benefit Advisors Contacts by Department.

Approximately one month after you complete the application you will be sent a Retirement Options package from Alberta Pension Services Corporation.  This package will outline the various pension options available to you.  Election of a pension option is irrevocable once you receive your first pension payment. If you require assistance understanding the options you can arrange another appointment to meet with your Pension & Benefit Advisor.

Receiving Your Pension

You will receive a pension payment on the second last day of the month following your retirement, providing the process started within three months of your retirement date. Your pension payments will continue as long as you live and where a joint option was elected will continue for the duration of your pension partner’s life (if predeceased by you).  Monthly pension payments will be adjusted January 1st of each year by a cost-of-living adjustment equal to 60% of the average increase in Alberta’s consumer price index.

Post-Retirement Benefits Options for Support Staff

Having adequate health and dental coverage during retirement is very important. A review of the insurance post-employment benefits market was conducted and the following plans have been identified as providing competitive level of benefits coverage with competitive cost, member flexibility as some plans do not require medical evidence of insurability, and levels of coverage to help best fit individual needs.

When Benefits Coverage Ends

When you retire from the University of Alberta and are not eligible for bridge benefits, you should be aware of retirement rules surrounding your benefit plans.

Supplementary Health Care & Dental Care •

  • coverage ends when you retire •
  • claims must be submitted before March 31st after the end of the calendar year in which you retire •
  • claims submitted after you leave must be on paper, as the electronic system will not be available

Health Spending Account (HSA) and Personal Spending Account (PSA) •

  • coverage ends when you retire •
  • claims must be submitted before March 31st after the end of the calendar year in which you retire •
  • claims submitted after you leave must be on paper

Employee and Family Assistance •

  • coverage continues until the end of the month in which you Retire

Basic and Optional Employee Life Insurance •

  • coverage ends when you retire •
  • if you are under age 65 when you retire, you have 31 days to convert your coverage to an individual policy without providing medical evidence of insurability

Optional Dependant Life Insurance •

  • coverage ends when you retire •
  • if you and your dependant are both under age 65 when you retire, you have 31 days to convert your dependant coverage to an individual policy without providing medical evidence of insurability

Other Benefits Coverage under the following benefits ends when your employment ends: •

  • Voluntary Accident (AD&D) Insurance •
  • Business Travel Accident Insurance •
  • Long Term Disability Insurance •
  • Critical Illness Insurance •
  • Tuition Remission •
  • Public Service Pension Plan (PSPP)