12 Weeks to Wellness

Do you…

  • Recognize that your lifestyle needs to change but you are not sure how to go about making that change?
  • Need expert advice on ensuring lasting change to personal habits?
  • Want to have a zest for life and energy for the activities you enjoy?
  • Simply want to achieve your goals and build your self-esteem?

Homewood Health has created the Lifestyle Enhancement Program, a unique program designed to engage participants in developing new ways of thinking and working through behavioural changes.

The self-directed on-line program offers a comprehensive approach to lifestyle change, while ensuring you have the support of experts to provide advice on nutrition, health risk assessment and personal training over the course of 12 Weeks.

  • Learn healthy eating habits
  • reconnect with yourself through fitness and increase your energy level
  • obtain the support of health professionals to help you stay committed to your health plan

If you would like to enroll in the on-line program, please contact the EFAP.

12 Weeks to Wellness and Weight Loss E-Course

12 Weeks is a self-directed program that provides you with up to 3 hours of coaching over a 12 week period supplemented with a comprehensive workbook, assessment tool, stress map and 21-day planner. Participants can also access the services of a nutritionist and a personal trainer. Once a participant has registered for the program with Human Solutions, they have the option of making arrangements to pick up the workbooks at Organizational Health and Effectiveness or having them mailed from 12 Weeks to Wellness. Please access the service overview to learn more.


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