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  • Workplace Advice Line
  • Cultural Transition Support
  • Critical Incident Response and Workplace Debriefing/Defusing
  • Job Transition and Out-Placement Support
  • Career Counselling
  • Career Transition & Job Loss



Workplace Advice Line

This confidential service is designed for those times when you need advice on how to manage a difficult work situation.

  • If you are a manager or supervisor dealing with a workplace conflict situation, unusual behaviour, or want to provide assistance to a troubled staff member, you can call and get timely advice on how to best approach the situation.
  • If you are a staff member experiencing difficulties with a colleague or supervisor, advice and support are also just a phone call away.

To access this service please call Homewood Health.



Cultural Transition Support

This EFAP service can be accessed by staff members coming to the University of Alberta, as well as those going overseas for a temporary international placement. Services are also available to assist the recruiting Faculty/department in the selection process by identifying potential issues that may impact the candidate's success.

If you would like to access any of the Cultural Transition Support services noted above, please contact Homewood Health.



Critical Incident Response

A critical incident is a traumatic event, and individuals closest to the trauma can experience a highly negative stress reaction that manifests itself as physical and/or psychological symptoms.

In all cases, getting individuals appropriate assistance in a timely manner is of utmost importance.

Workplace Debriefing/Defusing

A psychologist or team of psychologists will respond to the work site to assess the situation and ensure the most appropriate response. Homewood Human Solutions will work with your team to provide a venue for discussion, an opportunity to express thoughts and emotions in a safe environment.   It is imperative that those who are involved in an incident be provided with the services of a professional as soon as possible.

To arrange a workplace debriefing or defusing, please contact the Employee and Family Assistance Administrator, Sarah Flower (780-492-2249 or email if you are unsure how to make the arrangements, or if you would like to arrange for Critical Incident Debriefing/Defusing for your work area.



Job Transition and Out-Placement Support

The Job Transition and Outplacement Support services are available upon request to staff members whose employment is impacted in accordance with Article 20 of the BoG/NASA Collective Agreements and the Administrative Professional Officer (APO) Agreement. Arrangements for any of these services can be made by contacting Sarah Flower, Program Consultant/EFAP Administrator at 780-492-2249.



Career Counselling

Staff members interested in pursuing the possibility of a significant career change can access services of a vocational consultant to assist them in developing a career path. Both in-person interviews and written aptitude/interest tests, and other vocational assessment tools will be utilized to identify suitable occupations based on the individual's personal profile, as well as skills and abilities. The consultant will also assist the staff member in researching suitable training opportunities.

Access a service overview.



Career Transition & Job Loss

Embarking on a career transition is a major life change, and like any change it can be both an exciting opportunity as well as a daunting challenge. There are various services available through the EFAP designed to support individuals facing career transition.

Information for Work Groups

Additionally, you can access a number of EFAP Online Courses focused on improving work skills and workplace effectiveness.


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