1. Position Information Form Updated

    The file format of the Position Information Form (PIF) has been changed and there is no longer a need to include combo codes (speed codes) with the form, however HRS processes related to position creation or updating remain the same.
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  2. Deep Diversity Workshop facilitated by Shakil Choudhury

    Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion invites you to attend the Deep Diversity workshop, facilitated by Shakil Choudhury on October 11, 2017. During this free, full day workshop you will develop key leadership knowledge and skills to support workplace inclusion and equity.
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  3. Find Temporary Coverage with Interim Staffing Solutions

    Interim Staffing Solutions (ISS) is a temporary staffing service ​which ​support​s ​all units at ​the University of Alberta. ​The purpose of ISS is to provide temporary clerical and/or administrative staff ​to help support your office needs when it comes to vacation coverages​, illnesses​, resignations, peak periods, or special projects for a nominal cost​. The duration of ISS assignments can range anywhere from a day to a year.​Read more »

  4. Development for High Performing Support Staff

    The U of A Advantage program is a personal leadership program designed specifically for U of A Support Staff who are seriously interested in investing in their professional development. It is a unique opportunity that provides practical and high level learning experiences leading to enhanced job performance and personal leadership development. The U of A Advantage program supports learners in making a difference through the enhancement of key personal competencies that are critical in today’s workplaces.
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  5. Update to Academic Agreements

    The APO Agreement, Faculty Agreement, FSO Agreement, Librarian Agreement, and Trust/Research Academic Staff Agreement have been updated to reflect changes that were ratified in prior negotiations. This includes changes to copyright, ¼ step increments, collective bargaining, and arbitration. The agreements can be found at http://www.hrs.ualberta.ca/Agreements.

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