1. Spring 2018 Supervisory Leadership Program

    Organizational Health and Effectiveness delivers a high impact Supervisory Development Program designed specifically for supervisors within the U of A context. This nine full-day transformational program engages learners in interactive, experiential workshop sessions that feature relevant U of A workplace case studies, planning exercises, self-assessments, and tools to apply directly to the workplace.
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  2. Tips for Approving Employee Self Entry of Time

    Here are clarifications for time approvers, including how to address an incorrect submission, the necessity of approving changes to the time entry line, and how to approve the premium portion of banked time.
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  3. EHS Supervisory Training: Hazard Management

    Environment, Health & Safety's (EHS) Professional Development program for supervisors offers practical strategies to support a safe, healthy, and environmentally responsible workplace. EHS has released the second module of the program, which focuses on hazard management.
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  4. Benefits Fraud: What You Need to Know

    Improper use of the benefits plan can turn employees into victims or offenders of fraud. To ensure staff understand the impacts fraud can have to their benefits plan and their employment, we’ve created a webpage called Benefits Fraud: What You Need To Know, which outlines our policy on fraud and what to do if you suspect fraud has occurred.

  5. Refresh of Leave Accruals

    As a follow up to the mass approval of outstanding time transactions for salaried support staff, please note the annual leave accruals for eligible support staff are currently being refreshed. Should there be a delay in reporting an employee's 2017 absence, please ensure the prior year Time Reporting Code (TRC) is used when applicable. The Vacation TRC remains unaffected, regardless of the previous year absence.

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