Employment and Pay Administration

This section provides the tools to help manage your staff.


What Pay Action Form type(s) to use and How to use eForms

Employee Types

Outlines the various employee types for support staff and student employee positions.

Job Code Directory

Find the appropriate Job Code(s) to use for the various staff and student positions.

Pay Period Schedules

Dates and deadlines related to paying staff and students.


Information on paying staff and how to handle the different types of payments.

Tax Administration

Information on tax waivers, exemptions, and government forms.

Salary and Benefit Adjustments

Tool used to transfer salary and benefit expenses from one combination code to another within PeopleSoft HCM.

    1. New PeopleSoft HCM Resources on the HRS Website

      Human Resource Services (HRS) has gathered all information about learning PeopleSoft HCM into one place on the HRS website. Additionally, webpages about eForms, salary and benefit adjustment, and time and labour administration have been created or updated on the website.
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    2. Using eForms to Submit Academic Administrative Appointments

      With the launch of eForms on June 19, 2017 you can now submit academic administrative appointments using eForms. This is a change to the process of submitting Pay Action Forms (PAFs) that has been in place since November 1, 2016. Going forward, administrative appointments should be submitted as follows:
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    3. Salary and Benefit Adjustment Procedure Update

      Recent audits have raised serious concerns about how Salary and Benefit Adjustments (SBA) are being used. To ensure financial statements and claims are correctly stated for research projects, the use of SBA's will be restricted to salary expenditure paid within the current fiscal year starting July 31, 2017.
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