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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can I purchase a parking pass?

    If you are interested in purchasing a pass, you will need to obtain a proof of employment card from ISS to take with you to Parking Services. Please contact ISS to obtain this card.
  2. How can I view my pay information?

    Employees must log onto Bear Tracks to view pay information. 
  3. Do I receive a training allowance?

    Where the Employer or an employee identifies a training need, job related training will normally be approved to a maximum of $250 per fiscal year. A Training and Development Application Form must be completed for approval before registering in the class.
  4. Do I receive benefits and vacation?

    ISS employees are not eligible to participate in the University of Alberta benefit plans. Vacation is paid out at 4% on top of your base rate.
  5. Do I have access to services provided by the University of Alberta sponsored Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP)?

    Yes. All University of Alberta staff members and their eligible dependants have access to EFAP. Services available through the EFAP also include psychological counseling, nutritional, legal, and financial consultation, access to a personal trainer, e-learning courses, health and wellness resources, and work life services.
  6. How is my pay determined?

    The department supplies ISS with a description of duties including a rough estimate of the job level (NASA Grade). Based on this information we assign an assignment level and apply a rate within the level (depending on the job complexity).
  7. What do I need to do when calling in sick?

    If you cannot make it into work, please contact your current Assignment Supervisor as soon as possible to notify them of your absence. You must also email or leave a voice message for the ISS Program Lead.
  8. If I need time off to take a training course am I paid for this time?

    Normally training time is unpaid time.
  9. Who do I notify when I need time off for upcoming travel, personal leave, etc?

    Please notify ISS as soon as possible when you are aware of any upcoming time you will need to take off. ISS will confirm this with your current or upcoming Assignment Supervisor.
  10. Am I paid for time off taken for bereavement? Jury selection?

    No. Time off for bereavement and jury summons is all unpaid time.
  11. Am I paid for general (statutory) holidays?

    To be eligible for paid holidays, an employee must be at work his/her last normal working day before the paid holiday or the first normal working day after. For part-time employees, the general holiday must fall on a regular working day in order to be eligible for holiday pay.
  12. Am I paid for the time off over winter closure?

    Time off from December 26 - December 31 is unpaid.
  13. What deductions are taken from my pay?

    Payroll deductions for income tax, employment insurance, WCB and CPP contributions are mandatory, and are deducted from semi-monthly cheques as they are processed.  Income tax will be deducted based on the ‘basic personal amount'.
  14. If I show up for a job and am sent home due to lack of work, am I paid for this day?

    Departments are required to pay an employee for a minimum of three hours of work if an employee shows up and is sent home due to lack of work. If an employee voluntarily leaves before the three hour threshold, this rule does not apply.
  15. What is considered overtime and what do I earn for overtime pay?

    Overtime is anything beyond the regularly scheduled work day (usually 7 hours) and/or work week (usually 35 hours). Hours must be approved by the Assignment Supervisor before they are worked. Overtime hours are paid at a rate of 1 ½ times the hourly rate for the assignment for the first two hours and two times for all hours thereafter.
  16. What happens if I submit my timesheet after the payroll cutoff?

    If you are unable to submit your timesheet before the cutoff as outlined in the Semi-Monthly Schedule we will hold your timesheet and process it on the next cutoff date.
  17. Can a department end an assignment early?

    Yes. The planned assignment end date is an estimate of how long a department will need you to work. If the assignment length is shortened, the department will notify ISS as soon as possible and someone will let you know right away.
  18. Can I leave an assignment before the planned end date?

    Once you accept an assignment it is implied that you will stay in the assignment until the agreed upon end date (unless the department does not need you that long). There are extenuating circumstances whereby an employee may need to be removed early. This is reviewed on a case by case basis. Please contact ISS for additional information.
  19. Am I required to stay longer in an assignment if the department requests an extension?

    No. You are not required to stay longer than the initial agreed upon end date. Extension requests are made through ISS. ISS will then contact you to discuss this.
  20. Does ISS receive feedback on my performance and can I see my performance reviews?

    ISS sends out a performance feedback survey to the assignment supervisor at the end of all assignments lasting longer than one week. All performance feedback is kept on your file. Feedback is provided by the ISS Program Lead initially at the end of the review period, then at intervals of 1820 accumulated hours of service; at any time if requested by the employee;  OR if the overall evaluation on an assignment is unsatisfactory or if the Employer receives a valid "no to reassignment" on a "Performance Feedback Request".
  21. Do I need to notify ISS when applying on a U of A position? Can I use ISS as a reference?

    You are not required to contact us when applying on other positions. Before listing ISS as a reference, please contact the Program Lead to discuss.
  22. If I decide to resign from ISS, how much notice and what type of notice do you need from me?

    Please notify us in writing your intention to resign from ISS and include an effective date of your resignation. If you are currently working in an assignment we ask that you work the remainder of the current week so that we are given enough time to find a replacement.
  23. Does my service with ISS count towards my service date if I become a regular employee?

    Hours worked in ISS will count towards a Service Date when the individual becomes a Regular employee. This does not apply when an ISS employee moves to an auxiliary or casual role.



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