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How do I receive an online tax slip?

To receive your tax slips online through Bear Tracks, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires that you first provide your consent to the University of Alberta. Your consent allows the University to deliver your tax slips electronically and save the University the cost of printing and mailing your tax slips to your home.

How do I consent? Will it take long?

Providing your consent is an easy three step process taking no more than one minute.  To provide your consent, please do the following:

1. Log into Bear Tracks at with your CCID and password.

2. Click Payroll Information from the list of Employee Self Service options.

3. Click T4/T4A Consent from the menu items

Grant T4/T4A Consent at

4.To receive electronic T4 and T4A slips, click Grant Consent (only required once)

Grant Consent Button

When can I provide my consent?

New employees can grant consent for online tax slips after they have received their first pay cheque.  Employees who don't provide consent will have their tax slips mailed by the end of February each year. T4A-NR for non-residents will be mailed out to the address on file.

Why view tax slips online?

Online tax slips have gained in popularity with many employers in recent years as they provide employees with a convenient self-service option, allowing employees to receive their T4 and T4A slips much earlier than a traditional mailed tax slip. They are economically produced, environmentally friendly and available to employees for as long as your Bear Tracks account is active.

When will my tax slips be available?

Tax slips will be available to staff that have provided their consent by mid-February. Staff that do not provide their consent will receive printed tax slips by mail at the end of February.

How do I access my tax slips?

  1. Sign in to Bear Tracks with your CCID and password at the following address 
  2. Click Payroll Information from the list of Employee Self Service options.
  3. Click View T4/T4A Slips from the menu items
  4. Choose the tax slip you would like to view and/or print.
  5. Click the Year End Slip link to view the most recent tax slip.
  6. Click View a Different Tax Year to access your tax slip from a prior year

View T4/T4A Slips at 

Viewing/printing T4/T4A slip(s)

In order to access your slips you must:

  • have a PDF reader on your computer (e.g., Adobe reader), and
  • set the security settings in your web browser to allow/trust all pop ups from this site (turn off your pop-up blocker). Viewing a tax slip opens up a PDF document in another window

What happens if I don't consent?

Staff who have not consented to receive their T4 or T4A online will receive a printed copy which will be mailed through Canada Post at the end of February. Provide your consent today and receive your tax slips a minimum of 15 days earlier than if you wait for Canada Post to deliver in the mail.  If you anticipate getting a refund from CRA, the earlier you file, the sooner you can get your refund.

Am I the only one to provide my consent?

Receiving online tax slips through Bear Tracks is a convenient and popular feature. Thousands of eligible University of Alberta employees have consented to receive their 2016 and future tax slips online through Bear Tracks. Join your fellow colleagues and provide your consent today. Your online consent eliminates the requirement for Human Resources to print your tax slips and mail out through Canada Post. As part of our fiscal responsibility, each tax slip not mailed saves the University money to allocate to other essential services.

Do I need to print my online tax slips?

For employees that file their taxes electronically, printing the slip is entirely optional as you will always have access to the slips in Bear Tracks should you need them now or in the future. If you file electronically, you can read the values for each of the tax slip boxes online as you are completing your income tax return.

Will Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) accept a self-printed/online tax slip?

The CRA gladly accepts self-printed tax slips from Bear Tracks or other organizations that use electronically distributed tax slips. The form generated matches all specifications from CRA and will look almost identical to a printed T4 or T4A except it won't have the traditional pink color.  CRA does not require color tax slips.

Who should I contact if I have questions or need more information?

  1. Staff that require assistance with their CCID or password to access Bear Tracks can contact the AICT HelpDesk at 780-492-9400. 
  2. The FAQs on this page address most common questions. Please also review the Tax Slips webpage on the HRS Website.
  3. For all other questions regarding your tax slips, please contact your specific HR department/faculty contact using the Find Your HR Contact tool. Inquiries to pay and tax information can be sent to our email address at Please provide your 7 digit Person ID number in order to reference your record.

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