Personal Tax Credit Return

TD1 Federal

A general re-filing of the federal Form TD1 is not required each year. Complete a new TD1 form only if there has been a change in your entitlements to personal tax credits or if you wish to increase or decrease your additional tax withholding.

New employees and retired staff receiving a pension, or employees and retired staff who wish to change their federal claim amounts will have to complete a new TD1.

Be sure to sign and date the TD1 form on the back page and forward it to Payroll Operations, Human Resource Services, 2-60 University Terrace.

Provincial TD1AB

New employees or retired staff (receiving a pension) will have to complete a TD1AB. If a completed TD1AB form is not received, they will receive only the basic personal amount for provincial tax purposes, which could result in excessive amounts of tax withheld.

Employees and retired staff members who want to change their claim amounts or have existing claim amounts beyond the basic personal amount will also have to complete TD1AB.

Be sure to sign and date the TD1AB form on the back page and forward it to Payroll and Benefit Services in Human Resources, 2-60 University Terrace.

Provincial TD1 (Other Provinces)

If you reside in another province and are working for the University of Alberta you can submit the provincial TD1 from the province in which you reside. Taxes will then be calculated according to the provincial rates of the TD1 submitted.

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