Trustholders Extraordinary Expense Fund (TEEF)

TEEF claims should be submitted to Human Resource Services @ 2-60 University Terrace for processing. You are reminded that the trust holder is responsible for the first 30 days of absence for a General Illness leave. No reimbursement will be considered until the 31st day of General Illness.

In 1999, General Support Trust Employees were recognized as employees of the University of Alberta with the Non-Academic Staff Association (NASA) as their bargaining agent. A Collective Agreement was signed and with this agreement, certain benefits provisions became mandatory. Because these benefits could cause a burden for individual trustholders, a benefits "insurance" plan, the Trustholder Extraordinary Expenses Fund (TEEF) was established.

If eligible, trustholders may make claims against this Fund. The funds for TEEF are derived from a benefits insurance premium paid by trust account holders who are supporting, from those trust accounts, employees covered by the Trust Agreement.

Overall responsibility and matters of policy for the program will reside with the Office of the Vice-President (Research). Applications for TEEF support will be submitted to Payroll & Benefit Services, Human Resource Services with a copy to the office of the VP (Research).

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